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Rick van den Berg

Rick grew up in a loving and caring environment and spent a lot of his time on drawing. This was much encouraged by his parents, both during his childhood and afterwards. From the age of fifteen, Rick began to paint on canvas. From the moment that his first paintings became a fact, Rick’s interest shifted from drawing in pencil towards painting portraits and colourful abstractions. Soon, he also started painting on commission.

Exactly as he had envisioned, Rick started his educational training at the Academy of Arts. For four years, Rick continued to paint but also experimented with graphic techniques, sculpting, photography and video art. Etching turned out to be a great means to give form to ideas, which caused painting to fade into the background, at least for a little while. Several exhibitions with graphic work followed and Rick even produced a couple of artist books containing his graphic work. Finally, he graduated with an artist book that combined paintings, design and silk-screen printed clothing.

After graduation, Rick quickly switched back to painting. His experiments with a wide diversity of forms, styles and techniques ultimately resulted in a more balanced and stable style of painting. The most common theme in Rick’s work is the power of dreams, imagination and fantasy. To express these themes he combines portraits, elements of nature, symbolism, geometry and organic abstractions. In his latest paintings he adds sexual images to this mix of elements, with a contemporary homage to classical paintings. It becomes a symbiosis between humans and nature in a universe where everything is interconnected. A world adhering to nature and following the flow of love.

Working on painting called Sexplosion (Artist Impression of the Female Orgasm). About a woman pleasing herself to an orgasm which is vizualised as an explosion, a rocket launch, animals, and bright lasers, in front of a dark blue and green background. Made by Rick van den Berg.

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